If you’re a saling lover, don’t miss the opportunity to go on a catamaran trip on the Sainte-Croix Lake! The catamaran is absolutely perfect to navigate on the waters of the lake.

You want to introduce your friends or family to sailing? Or to get on board for a sensational outing with experienced sailors? The Hobie Cat catamarans of the Surf Center are waiting for you!

Catamaran outing on the Sainte-Croix Lake

The Margaridon beach, which borders the Surf Center, has a great layout for the departure of sailing activities on the Sainte-Croix Lake. Thanks to this location, you’ll enjoy favourable winds for sailing.

The prevalent wind on the Sainte-Croix Lake is a thermal wind. It blows on average between 12 and 18 knots, and rises almost every day between 1 and 8 pm. It is ideal in the early afternoon for intermediate level sailors who want to get familiar with the equipment. At the end of the day, it’s time for the more experienced sailors! The thermal wind strengthens and ensures experienced sailors to fully enjoy great sliding sensations.

The lake also benefits from low-pressure winds coming from east. This kind of wind is rather strong and regular. It’s also more humid because it’s formed by the upwelling of maritime air mass. Thanks to a Venturi effect, the area between the beach of the nautical centre and the island of Costebelle is ideal for those who have a good level.

The mistral which blows from the north and northwest also sometimes rises on the Sainte-Croix Lake. This wind is hard, even unpleasant for catamaran sailing as it is quite strong and gusty. We do not allow catamaran trips in these conditions.

To know everything about the weather conditions on the Sainte-Croix Lake, the most reliable application is Windy. Feel free to download it on your smartphone, it will give you indications on the strength and direction of the different winds on the lake.

Catamaran rental

Catamaran rentals are only available at the Surf Center. We will have a little talk with you to define your level and choose the most suitable equipment for you. Our aim is to ensure that you have a good time on the water in complete safety!

You can rent a catamaran throughout the day, depending on favourable weather conditions and the availability of the equipments.

From April 1st to June 10th and from September 12th to September 30th:

  • from 10 am to 7 pm

From June 11th to September 11th:

  • from 9 am to 7 pm

The Surf Center doesn’t offer sailing lessons. Therefore, we cannot rent equipment to people who have never sailed before. A minimum of knowledge will be required. We will assess your level by asking you a few technical questions.

If you have some experience but need some advice, don’t panic! The team is here to remind you of the right reflexes.

For your safety, a navigation zone will be indicated so that you always stay within sight of our team.

Everybody must wear a life jacket on board. No outing on the water will be allowed without it. To enable you to sail in cooler weather, wetsuits and sailing shoes can be rented in addition.

You want to enjoy unlimited water activities? Our family package is perfect for you! During the whole summer season, this package gives you free access to most of our fleet: paddle board, windsurf board, canoe, pedal boat and catamaran. Feel free to contact us for more information!

Our catamarans

Whether you have an intermediate or a very good level in sailing, you will find what you are looking for with our fleet of Hobie catamarans! Our sailing boats are carefully maintained to ensure you to have a safe trip on the lake.

Hobie cat 15

The Hobie Cat 15 is the ideal catamaran for a fresh start. It is a stable boat

that allows small navigation errors. You will get back on track and enjoy a nice pleasure sailing.

This model is also recommended if you are already an experienced sailor and want to introduce your family to sailing.

Finally, if you are rather experienced, the Hobie Cat 15 will ensure great sensations in more sporty conditions.

The maximum capacity is 3 people, both adults and children.

Hobie cat 16

The Hobie Cat 16 is the sport catamaran of the range. With its banana shaped hulls

and its small volume, it’s a fast and effective boat

for experienced sailors. The Hobie Cat 16 can be prepared in an easy mode, for more comfort,

or in “baumé” for more power and sensations.

The maximum capacity is 2 people, both adults and children.

Hobie cat 18

The Hobie Cat 18 Formula is a powerful catamaran that requires

very good sailing skills. Whether the wind is light or strong, you’ll enjoy

exceptional sensations. To rent this catamaran, we will evaluate your level on another boat beforehand.

The maximum capacity is 3 people, both adults and children.

Booking instructions

Important! Important! Please read the informations on water sports rentals at Surf Center.