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Gilets d’aide à la flottabilité fournis, adultes et enfants

Nos amis les chiens sont acceptés à bord, sous votre responsabilité

Vous pouvez ajouter à votre panier de quoi pique-niquer (en option à la fin de votre réservation) et tout sera prêt avant votre départ

De 9h à 13h30


The daily trip for the Gorges of Verdon is an wonderful tour that will let you discover the splendid view of the lake and the mythicals Gorges du Verdon The SURF CENTER offers you to enjoy your go while having fun with the slide in the turquoise waters of Lake Sainte-Croix. You will certainly feel like you’re alone in the world !!!

Arriving at the Pont du GALETAS (Entrance of the GORGES DU VERDON) the attendance of tourists will be higher but the view will leave you speechless. You can go up the Gorges du Verdon for 2 km (1.24 miles) before arriving at the markup. We advise you to come out of the Gorges du Verdon to eat.

The return will certainly be facing the wind and will become more physical than the trip to go. Allow 1:30 to 2 hours for go back

When you arrive, you can enjoy the sunset while chilling off and cooling off on the Snack terrace.

A wonderful day in perspective !!!


1:30 at an average pace to arrive at the entrance of the GORGES DU VERDON.

1:30 to go back and forth inside the GORGES DU VERDON.

2 hours to come back with some breaks.

Total distance 12 Km (7.46 Miles)

The course

You will embark at the SURF CENTER on the MARGARIDON Beach, 83630 LES-SALLES-SUR-VERDON. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your tour so that you can take full advantage of the time on offer. The maximum return time is 8 p.m.

Bring an identity document which will be required of you as a deposit, don’t forget it when you come back!


  1. the reserved boat (s).
  2. One buoyancy aid per person (which must be worn)
  3. One double paddle per person.
  4. A waterproof container of approximately 50 liters per boat.

Good to Know 😉

The SURF CENTER offers a fast food service allowing you to eat and refresh yourself at the start or at the end of your tour.

The best time to sail on the lake is in the morning The sun is not too hot and generally there is no wind.

The lake is ruled by a thermical breeze that blows around 1-2 PM You will certainly have the headwind for the return.

Weather conditions can change quickly on the lake. In case of strong wind or storm, a modification of your tour will be proposed for your own safety.

You can also come and make a day-to-day rental without reservation every day of the week (depending on weather conditions) by going directly to the site, with an identity document. We accept cash and check, the prices on site are the same to those on the website. However, there may be several hours of waiting depending on the attendance.

Some additional information:

All participants have to always wear the buoyancy aid provided.

All participants must be comfortable in the water, be able to swim 25 meters and to immerse themselves.

Children are accepted from 10 kg under certain conditions:

They have to always be under the supervision and responsibility of a competent adult and the weather conditions must be present or future risk free (wind, storm).

Dogs are accepted on board.

Please note: for on line reservations, the meeting place, the exact time of departure and respect for the number of registered participants are essential elements for the smooth running of your activity. Please pay attention to the respect of these instructions to avoid any modification or cancellation.

Meeting Point

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